stands for Advance Inclusion for Students With disabilities on higher Education in Rwanda.

It is a Erasmus+ Capacity Building program of 36 months from 1st March 2023 where the consortium leader is the University of Alicante (Spain). The component of the project are mainly: capacity building and awareness on disability, students’ support through a Centre equipped of Assistive Technology

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EU Partners

EU partners: University of Alcante (Spain, coordinator) & University of Macedonia (Greece)

Rwandan partners

 University of Rwanda-College of Education (public HEI): the coordinator in Rwanda

 INES-Ruhengeri (private HEI)

 East African University (private HEI)

 National Council of People with disability (public

 Ministry of Education (public)

 UWEZO Youth Empowerment (NGO)

Associated partner

Rwanda National Students’ Association - RNSA-INTAGAMBURUZWA


ANSWER is a project that equips Rwandan higher education (HE) stakeholders with the necessary knowledge, skills, capacities, and technology to address the gap between policy and implementation in terms of inclusion, accessibility, and disability. We have identified a suitable environment for improvement, but the top-down regulatory framework at the HE level is in need of an urgent bottom-up development of contextualized policy intervention..


Closing the gap between policies/laws and implementation in matters of disability and inclusion.


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Inclusive Framework:

Create an inclusive framework through the establishment and expansion of Support Centers for students with disabilities. This includes framing a national policy that devises pathways for an inclusive higher education system. Additionally, we aim to equip these centers with assistive technologies to enhance service provision for students with disabilities.

Internship Scheme

Devise an internship scheme for students with disabilities that is underpinned by a policy on inclusion and success with a disability-inclusive approach. This scheme will facilitate access to the labor market and ensure equal job opportunities for students with disabilities by collaborating with employers.

Capacity Building and Awareness

Promote capacity building and awareness within the Rwandan higher education system. We aim to enhance the knowledge, skills, and abilities of stakeholders through modern inclusion practices, training programs, and networking opportunities. This will foster a more inclusive and accessible environment for students with disabilities.

Sustainability and Collaboration

Ensure sustainability and ownership of project results by empowering partners in Rwandan universities to become agents of change for real inclusion and diversity within the higher education system. We will actively engage with employers, policymakers, and civil society organizations to promote economic growth and social development by tapping into the unexploited talent of Rwandan students with disabilities.


On Tuesday, 23rd January 2024, INES-Ruhengeri and UWEZO Youth Empowerment had signed an MoU as the beginning of partnership between the two institutions which will focus on empowering university students with disabilities by championing inclusion, accessibility and disability support to unlock their unexploited potential through different opportunities.



Project Coordinator at INES


Project Manager Phone :+250783166553


Admnistration and Finances of the Project


Technical staff in Students’Support Centre Phone :+250781267277 Email:


Technical staff in Students’Support Centre NIYONZIMA William, +250788637548